I’m pleased to say that we are now up and running again.  However, there are some alterations to the way we meet.  To see how we are meeting and what we’ll be up to (until April 2022) please visit the calendar page.

The site is being fully updated and some areas may not yet be completed.  Please bear with us until we sort it out.  Keep coming back and checking out the site.

Welcome to the site for the Willington Photography Club.  The club had its inaugural meeting on Tuesday, 3rd September 2013 with seven members.  Those attending had come along to learn more about photography and to have others with whom they could share their interest.  While most were digital users, there was one film user.

The club is NOT about technology, or debating what is best to use – it’s about making images.  We plan to take images together as well as bring our own images to do “show-and-tell” sessions, where other members can critique our efforts.  The idea is to give positive feedback and thoughts about how it might be improved.

The club is open to anyone to join.  Please check out the ‘Calendar‘ section for information about dates and topics as noted above.